The Most Precious Gift We Will Ever Get

The most precious gift we will ever get

The Gift of Life.

This morning, just like any other morning, I was standing at the bus stop. As usual, all kinds of thoughts were racing through my head. Mostly things I have to do, stuff that stresses me out or situations I’m unhappy about. Problems, problems, problems. Always problems.

That was until two loud birds disturbed my train of thoughts. They were frantically flying and chirping all around me. What was wrong with them? Downtown birds usually don’t chirp like crazy, and they don’t risk flying that close to humans (except pigeons, but these weren’t pigeons at all — they were cute little black, white and orange birds).

And then I understood why. They weren’t flying around me, they were flying close to the sidewalk, where there were two other birds lying on the street. Dead. One still moving its head…I don’t know if it was a reflex or if it was still alive. These were freshly dead birds. The sight was devastating.

Seconds before, while I was lost in my own thoughts, I had noticed a nice and big BMW that had crossed the corner and stopped right in that exact spot where the birds were now lying. A young guy had gotten out of the car; his mother was in the driving seat. The guy didn’t even say his goodbyes to his mom and he looked mad…I think that they got into a fight in the car. After getting out, the son furiously crossed the street and the mom drove away.

I know, two birds dying is not the end of the world. Humans and animals are dying everywhere, every second. But when you are the one witnessing death, it’s different. Having to stand there to wait for my bus, I couldn’t help but stare and feel deep sadness. I wasn’t thinking about my problems anymore.

It's easy to get so caught up in our own problems that we forget to stop, enjoy and cherish our most precious gift: LIFE. Dance. Smile. Laugh. Enjoy every second!

It’s such an irony. The guy and mom didn’t even notice that they killed two birds. They were all caught up in their own problems. As for the birds, they were dead in 2 seconds. In 2 seconds, just like that, their life was gone. It was just a little accident. It doesn’t take much more that a little accident for everything to change.

The two other birds flew and chirped for a few seconds around the two dead birds, and then they quickly left. They just had to go on with their lives to survive.

Nothing lasts forever

We always think that nothing can happen to us. “Accidents only happen to others, but not to us.” But today, I was reminded that we are not immortal. One day, life will continue without us.

Why lose time to think about tiny problems? Like I was doing right before that accident. It was a Monday and I couldn’t help but think about all the hardships of the week ahead. These thoughts weren’t helping me. They were insignificant thoughts that only brought me down. Instead, I could be thinking about the nice weather, the new people that I’ll be able to meet this week and the endless possibilities of a new day starting. Cliché but always so true.

Why constantly worry about having a better job, promotions, a better house or a better car? We might not all have BMWs, but we all have the gift of life. A gift so precious that we should cherish it every day and remember that we are so lucky to be able to LIVE. A gift that could be taken away in one second. Do we want to be caught by surprise while we are thinking about insignificant problems in our lives or do we want to live every day to its fullest?

There will always be problems, and thus something to worry about. But worrying won't solve our problems. Click To Tweet

Let’s dance.

Let’s smile.

Let’s laugh.

Let’s be nice to one another and let’s freaking enjoy every little second that we have.

I hope you have the most amazing day!

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