One Picture a Day Challenge

One hearty picture a day challenge

With our busy lives, it’s easy to forget to enjoy the wonderfulness that there is in every moment. Here’s the challenge: one hearty picture a day. Look for inspiration, amazingness and positivity every day and you shall find happiness!


Wake up. Dress up, brush your teeth, grab an apple or whatever you find and rush outside to catch up the bus. Get to work / school. Hustle all day. Come back home. Make supper for your kids / study for your exams. Eat something. Try to relax a little in between all those things. Go to bed too late (as usual).

Repeat the next morning.


How to be happier every day

Wake up. Dress up in your favourite pants and sweater, look at yourself in the mirror and smile. Grab your phone and snap a picture of how fly you look. Make yourself a nice and nutritious breakfast. Plate it beautifully and photograph it.

Walk to your bus stop or hey, even walk to work. Admire the nature all around, breathe in the agitation of the hectic morning rush hour. Get inspired and snap a picture. Get to work / school, be all smiley and bubbly. During lunch hour, share your pictures with your coworkers / friends. Get caught up in an inspiring conversation where all of you share your favourite moments and anecdotes. Laugh a lot and snap a picture of you all and this amazing moment.

On your way home, take a little more time to enjoy everything around you. Notice how the day that passed changed the things you saw in the morning. Notice the change in attitude in people rushing to get home. Get inspired and snap another picture. Once you’re home, make a nice dinner, and yes you guessed it…photograph it!

In your bed, right before turning the lights off, go through your phone pictures and look at all the wonderful moments you’ve had today.

Ahhh, sleep well and do it all again the next morning!

Let’s admire the beauty all around us!

My point is that it’s so easy to get caught up in a spiral and forget to enjoy the wonderfulness that there is in every moment. Little things can bring us a lot of joy. If only we can stop, notice them and take a moment to enjoy them.

It’s not an easy thing to do. It’s much easier to rush to work, think about deadlines that we have to meet and problems that we need to solve. Once that will be done, we’ll be able to relax. Sadly, if we think that way, we’ll get caught up in a spiral that never ends. Because there will always be negative things to get stressed up about. But that’s not a bad thing! When there’s negative, there’s positive too! Ying and yang. They go together. It’s just up to us to choose which one we want to give more attention to.

  • Our brain is more incline to concentrate on the negative. Just because it’s a mechanism of survival. When we were cavemen and were hungry, thinking about it instead of admiring the beauty of nature around us made us search for food, find food, satisfy our hunger and survive. But in 2016, we no longer need this mechanism of survival! In 2016, we have to survive by thinking positively. Sorry to say that, but look at all the depression and suicide statistics.
  • So our brain has trained throughout generations and generations to think more about negative stuff. That’s great because it means that we can train it to think positively! And don’t worry, it won’t take generations to achieve that 😉 It’s a matter of recognizing how we think and changing that. Let’s turn “thinking positively” into a habit. Taking pictures is a great way to do that. Searching for the the beauty around us for the best shot, looking for the best angle and immortalize events with friends forces us to acknowledge all the amazingness there is in every moment. The photographs that we take also remind us of all the amazing things we have in our lives.

The “one hearty picture a day” challenge

So here’s the challenge: one hearty picture a day. Look for inspiration, amazingness, positivity and happiness around you. What makes your day more “hearty”? Take a picture of it and share it with your friends and family.

We would love to see it too! Share your pictures on Instagram with the hashtag #oneheartypictureaday. Let’s all be inspired by each other’s moments of happiness!

Keep on smiling and don’t let the little adversities bring you down! There’s too much amazingness in this life for that!

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