My motivation

It is hard to be active. I try to run 20 minutes every day. It’s not much, but I try to run at a high speed. And some days, I just don’t feel like going running. But then if I don’t I feel guilty and lazy. And up till now, that’s basically what kept me going.

However, I recently found a new motivation to stay active and I wanted to share it with you. Recently, one of my family members had a cerebrovascular accident. The classic case: overweight, eating unhealthy food and not exercising enough. Everything was perfect until a few weeks ago. I’m sure you know someone to whom it happened too, but in my case it was the first time it happened to someone I knew that close to me. And it really affected me. I realized that it’s so easy to accumulate bad habits and that our body can withstand insults for a pretty long time, but when it crashes, EVERYTHING CRASHES. Now you have to take meds, be careful and you live in a constant uncertainty, because another accident could happen anytime.

Sorry to say that if you are in that situation right now. I do know change is possible. But it really takes a lot of motivation because bad habits accumulated over a lifetime require a lot of hard work to change.

Back at my new motivation. Every time I go run now, I think about that. Especially when I’m sprinting, I imagine the blood flowing through my arteries, cleaning and unblocking them. I imagine that everything in my body is ALIVE and everything is pumping with energy.

So no, exercising is not only to be thinner. Don’t wait until it’s too late! You need to start now. GO CLEAN THOSE ARTERIES!!

Hey, what’s your motivation? Comment below 😉

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