BBQ naan pizza

Do you know what naan bread is? If you don’t well, you should. Because it is one of the most delicious things in this world. Especially if you heat it and eat it with some melting butter. Mmmm!

But let’s get to the point. In this recipe, I combined two of my favorite foods: naan and pizza. (Why? Because I’m too lazy to make the pizza dough 😉 plus it’s even better this way.)

This pizza recipe is for 4 small pizzas and has 3 different layers: naan bread, pizza sauce and toppings:

  • The naan bread you can buy it at the supermarket.
  • The pizza sauce is made of 2 tablespoons of olive oil, 2 teaspoons of balsamic vinegar, 3 teaspoons of ketchup, two cloves of garlic (minced).
  • Topping contains: 200g of mushrooms (sliced), 200g of black forest ham (about 10 slices, cut into quarters), 100g of spinach, 15 cherry tomatoes (cut in halves) and 1 cup of grated cheese.

pizza_side view

1. Mix all the ingredients for the pizza sauce except the ketchup. Brush one side of the naan breads with this mix, then do the same thing with the ketchup.

2. Add the toppings, finishing with the grated cheese.

Traditionally, Mozzarella is considered the best cheese for pizza, but you don’t have to stick to that. 

Now this is a BBQ pizza, so you can put the pizza on the BBQ grill for about 15 minutes at low intensity. Be careful to regularly check that the crust doesn’t burn. You can also use a traditional oven: put the pizzas on a pan covered with parchment paper.

pizza_top view 1 This is the perfect recipe for a summer day when you have guests. You bring them in your backyard, you present them with a bowl of pizza sauce, ketchup, a variety of different toppings and a pile of naan breads. You tell them to choose their toppings and make their own pizza. Fun ensues. Enjoy!


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